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What Happens After a Permanent Tooth Is Knocked Out?

A knocked-out tooth is a common type of dental emergency. Ideally, if your permanent tooth is knocked out, you should work with a caregiver to immediately and physically replant the tooth in its socket. First, cold water should be used to rinse off the root of the tooth, but care must be taken not to scrape it or scrub it. Next, if the tooth's root appears clean, the tooth's crown should be grasped between your forefinger and thumb, with the flat, smooth surface of the tooth facing forward.

If an upper tooth was knocked out, one hand should be placed on the top of the person's head to stabilize it. The tooth should then be inserted back into the socket with a firm push and held in place. Continued pressure is necessary to move blood that might have accumulated within the socket. After the tooth has been sealed in its original position, you will need to use either damp, clean tissues or your hand to hold it in place. Don't worry about putting the tooth back in correctly. Any corrections can be made later by a dentist.

A Model of Dental Implants

If there is no one around who is prepared to replant the tooth. Or, if the patient is unwilling to allow someone else to replant it because there is substantial damage to the surrounding teeth or oral infrastructure, then the tooth should be placed in cold milk to keep it from drying out. Any bleeding should be controlled with sustained pressure, and the patient and tooth should be transported to the nearest dentist.

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