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3 Ways Flossing Keeps Your Teeth and Gums Healthy

Brushing your teeth is important to keep your mouth feeling fresh and to fight cavities, but brushing alone is not enough. You should be flossing your teeth every day. Gum disease is a serious problem and its number one cause if plaque. Plaque consists of a slimy, sticky film that builds up on our teeth, often under the gum line and in between teeth, where our tooth brush cannot get to. This film is made up of bacteria, saliva and other particles such as left over food.

Over time this Plaque can harden into tarter if it is not removed promptly. Tarter will foster and encourage the rapid growth of harmful bacteria which can eat away at the enamel as well as cause bad breath. Over time the bacteria present in both plaque and tarter will cause intense inflammation of the gums, also known as the gum disease gingivitis.

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You can remove plaque yourself and prevent it from ever turning into tarter. However, tarter if allowed to form can only be removed by a dental technician or dental hygienist. If you do not prevent tarter from forming, you will eventually get gingivitis, which in turn over time will lead to periodontitis and the loss of your teeth. The good news is that gingivitis, cavities and bad breath can all be prevented and controlled by proper brushing of your teeth and flossing regularly. If you floss just once a day at least, you can help to prevent gum infections and gum disease.

Ways flossing keeps your teeth and gums healthy

Removes food particles

Flossing will also remove food particles that are trapped between your teeth. When food particles remain wedged between teeth, especially our molars, bacteria counts will rise as this leftover trapped food begins to rot inside of our mouths.

Cleans below the gum line

Flossing can gently clean beneath our gum lines, removing food particles and plaque. To do this simply move the floss in up and down motions once it reaches the gum line. Do this for the front and back of each tooth every day.

Removes plaque that brushing never reaches

Flossing is often the only way to remove much of the plaque in our mouths. When we remove this plaque we are preventing tarter from ever forming. One benefit of doing this is much easier and faster teeth cleanings at the dentist office. Another benefit is that it keeps our mouths fresh.

You should also keep up with regular teeth cleanings from your dentist at least once per year if not every 6 months. Jason C. Croft DMD is one of Gainesville's best general family dentistry practices. Your oral health is our top priority, as is your comfort, so we strive to provide you with the best dental care possible. If you need a cleaning or a dental check up, or any other dental work, call Jason C. Croft DMD today at (770) 536-8871!